Project-related teaching

2023      Bruno Lainé, “rKTs – A Navigation Tool in the Tibetan Buddhist Canon” as part of the Kyentse Tibetan Buddhist Textual Scholarship Seminar: “Means and Methods of Research (ARPI-II level 7; Advanced Research 10).”  Shechen Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jan. 19.

2022      Markus Viehbeck, “Indo-tibetische Übersetzung in Theorie und Praxis.” Seminar, Munich University, summer term.

2021/22      Markus Viehbeck, “A Manual of Indo-Tibetan Translation.” Seminar, University of Vienna, winter term.

2020/20      Markus Viehbeck, “Tibetan Manuscripts: Material, Social, and Textual Perspectives.” Seminar, University of Vienna, winter term.

2019      Helmut Tauscher, “The Early Mustang Kanjur and Its Descendents.” Numata Reading Group, McMaster University, Hamilton, Mar. 29.

2019      Markus Viehbeck, “Digital Tools and Philological Challenges in Working with Tibetan Canonical Literature.” The Buddhist Forum Seminar, SOAS, London, Feb. 02.