Update: rKTs Database

During the past year, the Resources for Kanjur & Tanjur Studies (rKTs) database has received a substantial makeover and is now reached at its own dedicated domain: http://www.rkts.org.

The database was also significantly enlarged and now provides information (with varying detail) on more than a hundred Kanjurs, Tanjurs, Tantra collections, and other collections of Tibetan canonical literature. This includes searchable text catalogues, with information on contents and translators, all linked to the images of the original sources.

While some other tools are still under development, the search options (Search in the Canon) are fully functional: http://www.rkts.org/search.php?id=1.

We further produced a short video tutorial that explains how the search functions are used (How to use rKTs): http://www.rkts.org/Video/index.php

In case you encounter technical problems with the database, please report these to Bruno Lainé, the webmaster of the archive, at: brunogml@gmail.com

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