Fieldwork May 2024: Bicher, Upper Dolpo

The main documentation work for this year was conducted again in Bicher/Vijer, a rather remote village in Upper Dolpo, which was visited by the TMPV already in 2018 and 2019. This year’s documentation focused on the Serkhang collection, a collection of around 45 larger canonical manuscripts and several other historiographical and ritual texts that belong to the nearby Serkhang Temple but were shifted to Nesar Monastery in Bicher in order to protect them from theft. With this documentation, all of the three major canonical manuscript collections of Lang, Nesar, and Serkhang that are currently located at Nesar Monastery are preserved in a digital format.

More detailed accounts of the documentation of these individual collections are provided in the documentation section.

Nesar Monastery, Bicher, in May 2024 (image by M. Viehbeck, 2024)

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